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LOL Surprise

 LOL is all the craze in the toy world! Our LOL products are quickly falling off the shelves, but we are constantly working to restock items. We just restocked our

 LOL Surprise Pet balls

  • L.O.L. Surprise pets ball- series 4
  • 5 layers of surprise
  • Extra surprising combinations!

 Fuzzy Pets Makeover Series   

  • Unbox L.O.L. Surprise! fuzzy pets covered in colorful Fuzz!
  • 7 surprises! (1) mirror; (2) secret message; (3) bottle; (4) scooper; (5) accessory; (6) outfit; (7) pet.
  • Leave pet fuzzy or create unique fuzzy designs
  • Collect multiples of the same pet – one fully washed and one fuzzy.
  • Shampoo bottle package doubles as a bath, purse and playset.

 Under Wraps Eye Spy Series 

  • L.O.L. Surprise eye spy under wraps includes 15 surprises! (1) spy glass (2) secret message sticker (3) surprise codes, (4) bottle, (5-11) mystery disguise, (12) shoes, (13) fashion accessory, (14) outfit, and (15) LOL surprise eye spy underlaps doll.
  • Find surprise clues with the LOL surprise eye spy series spy glass.
  • Feed or bathe your LOL surprise doll to discover water surprises!
  • Capsule becomes a purse carrying case and doll stand.
  • Collector’s poster

 For more information on current items in stock, please make inquiries over the phone during store hours. 

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